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Champagne Diamonds

Cognac Diamonds
Find out more about these rich and intensely beautiful natural colored diamonds.

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Brown is the new black.
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Argyle Diamond Mine
Find out more about natural colored diamonds from the heart of Australia.

Frequently asked questions
Learn more about natural colored champagne diamonds

Cognac Diamonds

Cognac diamond ring Warm, dark, rich and exotic, nothing entices like a cognac diamond. Cognac diamonds are the darkest and rarest of champagne diamonds, making them one of the most valuable natural colored diamonds. In the C1 to C7 color scale devised by Argyle Diamonds, cognac diamonds occupy the highest rank in the scale: C7.

While lighter coloured champagne diamonds may show more sparkle, the deep, earthy hues of cognac diamonds make them absolute eye-catchers. Their warmth and quiet intensity give them a noticeable gravitas, making them ideal centrepiece stones for earrings, pendants and rings. Cognac diamonds appeal to women who value natural beauty, and who wish to convey a hint of the exotic in their fashion. Worn on their own, or complimenting white and other colored diamonds, cognac diamonds always appear timeless and in fashion.

Like other natural colored diamonds, cognac diamonds are formed deep within the earth, when tremendous amount of heat and pressure, reacting with trace elements in diamond-forming rock, produces distortions in the diamond’s lattice structure. When looking into a cognac diamond, it isn’t difficult to imagine this molten fire still burning deep within its ancient heart.